Lollipop Lyra Workshops

Join Inversion Pole Fitness studio owner Lucy (Lollipop) Webster for a fun Lollipop Lyra workshop! Lucy has been teaching and performing pole and aerial for over 13 years so brings an experienced and unique approach to Lollipop with a great emphasis on technique and form. Lucy will also be your biggest cheerleader and she firmly believes Lollipop is for everyone!

For anyone new to lollipop, it’s a fun and exciting discipline that incorporates an aerial hoop (lyra) attached to the top of a freestanding stage pole, creating new opportunities for exploration of shapes and transitions between hoop and pole. During the sessions students will learn the latest lollipop conditioning exercises, poses, spins and combinations on the apparatus along with proper technique while executing them.

Workshops include:
Warm up
A variety of lollipop conditioning exercises
A selection of lollipop tricks
A combo that can be performed on either a static or spinning lollipop
And cool down

All abilities are welcome from beginner to advanced as progressions/ regressions can be provided to tailor to your level.