Client Reviews

Lucy’s breadth of Lollipop knowledge is astounding! Her pole background gives her a unique approach to Lollipop, allowing her to create shapes and combos utilizing the pole and hoop. Lucy’s lessons are varied, with a great emphasis on technique and form. She is a fantastic coach, and will be your biggest cheerleader.


Despite only experiencing Lucy’s classes through archived zoom recordings, I feel like I know her as well as any of my aerial Mamas. Her warm, friendly style and patient, upbeat manner comes through so loud and clear, I often forget I’m watching a recording! She has an intuitive understanding for what a learner needs, and her classes are a nice mix of conditioning, shapes and choreography. She is incredibly responsive when her students ask for help, and I sincerely hope one day we will be able to figure our way around the 13-hour time difference that divides us so we can talk for real. Thank you Lucy for everything you do! I look forward to learning more.


I started training lollipop with Lucy online during lockdown. I was new to it but have poled for 7 years or so. I asked Lucy for a private session which was amazing and have also attended her workshops. Lucy explained everything and demonstrated so clearly. I would highly recommend her sessions either in person or online, one thing lockdown has given us is the opportunity to train with others we wouldn’t normally have the chance to. I will be attending more online sessions.


These workshops have been a godsend for me. Its been a while since I last tried out Lollipop so was a bit nervous but Lucy’s instructions are really clear, breaking down each move so its easy to follow. She explains all the contact points and what muscles need engaging. All the shapes are combined into a beautiful sequence at the end. Get booking onto the workshops for your very own Lollipop cheerleader!


I have done numerous workshops with Lucy over lockdown and have to say she is amazing at what she does! She’s so welcoming and sweet, easily explains things and gives amazing encouragement! I have learnt so much in such a short space of time from her. I can’t wait for more sessions, when the weather allows!