Private Classes

Private (One to One) Tuition

Are you looking for one to one lollipop tuition? One to one classes are useful for a variety of scenarios; 

  • Maybe there is a particular lollipop move you are struggling with and could do with a little extra time and attention in order to master it 
  • Maybe you have a goal in mind such as a performance or competition you would like specific help with
  • Or maybe you’re just a little shy about attending a group class and would prefer to learn in a more personal environment 

One to one instruction is just you and your teacher and their undivided attention. Which means you can progress very quickly and get instant feedback on your technique.

This type of class needs to be booked in advance and prices are:

  • £45 an hour for one private session
  • OR £200 for 5 sessions private sessions block booked (Only £40 an hour)

Private Group Sessions

Private lessons are suitable for those who would like to learn with their friends for a more personal lesson. Groups of up to 8 are suitable for a private booking and can be booked for occasions such as hen parties, birthday parties or simply as a standard fitness session.

This type of class also needs to be booked in advance. Please see pricing below:

£60 for a two to one (£30 each)
£75 for a three to one (£25 each)
£80 for a four to one (£20 each)
For groups of four plus please email for a quote